Resource for Law Enforcement – Smartphone App

NCVAN welcomes you to download and utilize our guide designed for those first line service providers…law enforcement.


The guide was designed for a quick read with effective guidelines and information specific to first responders who might not have the availability to attend trainings specific to the topics outlined in this guide. Please note that this guide is not intended to replace training, but it is NCVAN’s hope that it may offer reminders; insight; or create more of an interest in enhancing a responder’s and/or department’s response to today’s law enforcement demands.


Please download the guide from either the Apple or Google Play App Stores and refer to it often. If you find it beneficial, please share this discovery with your colleagues. In this day and time, it is essential to be of support to one another; educate and go home safely after every shift.

How this App was developed

In 2015, NCVAN authored a hard copy of various topics specific to law enforcement response to topics ranging from Crime Victim Rights/Compensation; Homicide and Trauma; Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault; Stalking; and Child Abuse and Neglect. It was determined that the Guide needed to enter into 21st Century technology which would allow for the accessibility of information at the user’s fingertips when training opportunities were not readily available.

NCVAN endeavored to develop a Quick Series Smartphone Guide App that was primarily designed for law enforcement’s use on the topics that are deemed significant to today’s traumatic crisis and violent crimes. The App/Guide allows for quick availability of National, State and community resources even at 3:00 a.m.! The App/Guide validated the necessity for those professionals to have access no matter where or when the resource was needed…all that’s required is a Smartphone.

Why NCVAN thinks this App is important

NCVAN and community partners created this quick guide for law enforcement in order facilitate an effective and meaningful response to crime victims in the following cases, and more:


  • Homicide and trauma
  • Human trafficking
  • Domestic violence and Sexual assault
  • Stalking
  • Child Abuse
  • Opioids
NCVAN will provide TA to other states looking to develop an App such as this

NCVAN is now providing technical assistance to requesting agencies pertaining to topic selections and contributors that help achieve your App goals; development of the App related to cost & desired services; coordination and needed oversight App development; marketing of the App; and App management and updates. And, this assistance is of no cost to you.

Please download NCVAN Victim Response App. Review it, and envision how your State could benefit from up-to-date information often misunderstood crimes and victim reactions. Introduce our Guide to your first responder co-workers and colleagues and ask how they would benefit from immediate information designed to your State’s need to better assist in helping others.

NCVAN LE App Contact Information

Let us know what you think about our App; and how we can be of assistance to you. For more information please contact: Sabrina Garcia, NCVAN Law Enforcement Specialist at; or phone #919-831-2857, ext. 110

Downloading the APP

A Guide for Law Enforcement –is now available for free download in both the Apple and Google Play App Stores. Open the appropriate Store on your smartphone and search for NCVAN!

Some sample screenshots
Search result in the Apple App Store
Stalking Section