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Address: PO Box 242
Colfax, NC
NC County/Statewide/Nationwide:

Brian Yarborough

Business Website Address:
Services:: Respond and Assess damage of crime scenes. Specialize in body decomposition, also do homicides, suicides. Provide detailed reports, photographs, videos, cleaning of carpet and furniture. Certified for trauma scene management, licensed, bonded and insured. Cover NC, SC, VA, and WV.
Business Phone Number: 336-870-0122
Address: 1300 Western Blvd.
Raleigh, NC
NC County/Statewide/Nationwide:

Gerald Branker, Administrator

Services:: Notification of prisoner's release, notify victim when put on work release, or community based program or released on parole. Asistencia disponible en español.
Business Phone Number: 919-733-0800
Address: PO Box 15711
Wilmington, NC
NC County/Statewide/Nationwide:

Lisa Isenhour, President

Services:: A pioneer and industry leader, Crime Scene Cleaning Specialists, Inc. has built the reputation as "The Company To Call" when faced with the harsh realities of a traumatic loss. CSCS, Inc. is working to build safer and healthier communities throughout North Carolina, in cooperation with public and private agencies since 1996, dedicated to providing a statewide core program delivering comprehensive victim and survivor centered services. CSC, Inc. provides a service specializing in the cleaning and waste removal associated with crime scenes, accidents, fatalities, unattended deaths, eradicating infectious pathogens and bereavement support. On-call field agents, throughout the state, are available for immediate assistance, resulting in the necessary restoration of a sense of security, guidance and support after a crisis.
Business Phone Number: 888-272-7462
Business Contact Email:
Address: 4703 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC
NC County/Statewide/Nationwide:

Janice Carmichael, Director

Services:: Victim & Justice Services is responsible for overseeing the Victim Compensation Commission, which reimburses citizens who suffer a financial loss as a result of a crime. The division also conducts many community service programs for offenders. In order to be eligible for Victim Compensation an individual must have been a victim of a crime which by its nature, poses a serious threat of personal injury or death and is punishable by fine, imprisonment or death and does not result from a motor vehicle violation except in relation to DWI laws and certain hit-and-run cases. Please contact the Division for more information.
Business Phone Number: 800-826-6200, Crisis Line: 919/733-7974
Business Contact Email:

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