Advanced Academy

Advanced Academy

The North Carolina Victim Assistance Network (NCVAN) is pleased to offer two special Advanced Academy events!


Provided especially for advocates and direct service staff at local non-profit programs servicing victims/survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, homicide & child abuse. Registration is closed for this retreat.


Provided especially for executive directors and direct service supervisors, The JULY 2018 NCVAN Midsummer Resiliency Retreat & Training on Vicarious Trauma will take place on July 29 – August 1, 2018 in a mountaintop in Macon County (SW of Asheville).


Advocates entering the work of supporting victims and ending violence in our communities are often naturally empathetic, caring, or social justice-minded and/or want to make the world better through their efforts. This same trait that is so valuable to the work can also make them even more vulnerable to vicarious trauma. How can they find balance? How can they remain engaged and committed to what they do, while also maintaining their own internal well-being and positive world view?


Through three days of retreat-based training and somatic and respite activities, the Summer & Midsummer NCVAN Resiliency Retreat and Training on Vicarious Trauma are to give participants an opportunity to understand vicarious trauma by processing/integrating that understanding on personal level, towards reclaiming joy in the work, so crucial to the sense of wholeness that sustains our collective work to address and end violence. The events take place in peaceful, natural surroundings and incorporate creative and healing activities in the learning. Each participant will have their own room to foster reflection and solitary time to replenish.


Here are some things advocates said last year about the retreat and training!:


“I was amazed at the level of calm the techniques could get me to. It also helped me see the level of stress I had actually been feeling.”


“The revelations I had helped me analyze what is really affecting me and how… I’ve been neglecting myself!”


“I discovered my loss of identity and re-discovered how to get it back!


“(It was) so beautiful and truly peaceful!,”


“I learned to really breathe and my mind was at peace, not racing. I feel like I got myself back! (I’m feeling) energized, loved, nurtured, understood.”