Victim Service Provider Recertification

RECERTIFICATION: The NCVAN Victim Practitioner Certification Academy

Upon completion of the NCVAN Victim Service Practitioner Certification Academy, state certification remains active for 3 years. To remain current, students must complete 20 hours of victim service related training from recognized organizations**, before the certification expires, and the practitioner must then apply for “recertification” with NCVAN. Recertification must occur every 3 years thereafter, which includes the necessary aforementioned continuing education training, to remain current in an on-going way.


To Apply for Recertification:


  1. Complete the Continuing Education Documentation Form provided here.  Download, complete, and scan the form to accompany your online application. Note that a supervisor’s signature must accompany the form, along with certificates from the training entities, demonstrating the credit hours earned.
  2. Complete the online Recertification Application below, which includes uploading the completed continuing education form and materials, where requested.
  3. Submit the $125.00 Processing Fee upon completion and submission of the application. (Applicants will be re-routed to payment by credit card or by Paypal.)
  4. Note that to be approved, each applicant must receive an updated criminal background check by NCVAN through our contracted provider. NCVAN will contact you for the necessary information by phone, to protect your private information in the prevention of digital identity theft. ***
  5. Upon final approval, an official certificate will be sent to you by mail, reflecting the new/updated date of recertification.


If you have questions about the recertification process, please call or email Dianna Benson at (919)831-2857, ext. 106 or


If you need support in completing your online payment, please call Elizabeth Watson at (919)831-2857, ext. 104.


**Five of the required 20 hours of continuing education each year may come from review of publications, audio/visual tapes and other victim service reference materials.

***North Carolina Victim Assistance Network reserves the right to refuse any application for recertification. Should such a situation arise, the service fee will be refunded.

****National certification and recertification is handled through the National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA). Completing the NCVAN Academy and Certification process fulfills the necessary prerequisite to be considered for national certification).