Victim Services Practitioner Recertification

RECERTIFICATION: The NCVAN Victim Services Practitioner Certification Academy

Upon completion of the NCVAN Victim Services Practitioner Certification Academy, state certification remains active for 3 years. To remain current, students must complete a minimum of 20 hours of direct victim services training from a state recognized direct victim services agency, before the certification expires, and the practitioner must then apply for “recertification” with NCVAN. Recertification must occur every 3 years thereafter, which includes the necessary aforementioned continuing education training, to remain current in an on-going way.


The recertification application process is currently being revamped and will be launched soon.


Please check this page after October 25th.


For further information or questions contact Dianna Benson at 919-831-2857 X 106 or


Thank you for your patience!