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We support the rights and well-being of surviving loved ones of homicide victims and others harmed by violent crime in North Carolina.

We invite you to join us as we support and encourage victims and survivors so that families can begin to heal and communities are made stronger.

Surviving loved ones of homicide victims are left with a lifetime of grief. We offer services that support them and promote their healing.

 When a homicide occurs, the person whose life was taken is not the only victim. For each homicide, on average, there are up to 10 surviving loved ones who are also victims.  We provide comprehensive services that address traumatic loss and complicated grief.  We train victim support to use victim-centered practices when responding to surviving loved ones of homicide victims. 

Statement on Mass Shooting

The North Carolina Victim Assistance Network stands with the Raleigh community in the aftermath of the mass shooting that took place in the Hedingham community of East Raleigh on Thursday. Once again, we have been reminded that we are not necessarily safe in our homes, our parkways, or any place we gather publicly. Gun violence has become a norm that too frequently invades our daily lives. And gun violence too often ends in homicide.

We extend our condolences and our service offerings to Hedingham residents, loved ones, friends and family members of the victims, and the law enforcement community that has been affected by this senseless tragedy. All services are free of charge.  To learn more about how we can help please call 919-831-2857 or 1-800-348-5068


Support Services

We support families and loved ones after a life is impacted by violence. 



We develop and provide victim response training to service providers and allied professionals.



We propose victim-related legislation and advocate for policy that impacts the rights of crime victims at the state level. 

Upcoming Events


Spring 2023 NCVAN Victim Service Practitioner Certification Academy


The NCVAN Victim Service Practitioner Certification Academy provides practitioners who work with victims of crime with an opportunity to receive 40+ hours of substantial training to bolster their knowledge and experience. Attendees can receive certification as a Victim Service Practitioner.


Part One (Virtual):
March 21-23, 2023


Part Two (in-person, Raleigh):
March 27-31, 2023

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