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We support the rights and well-being of surviving loved ones of homicide victims and others harmed by violent crime in North Carolina.


We envision victims of violent crime receiving support and advocacy — being treated with dignity and respect throughout their grief journey.



In everything we do for those we serve, we will conduct ourselves with fairness, dignity, and compassion.


The North Carolina Victim Assistance Network (NCVAN) is a 501 (c)(3)        non-profit organization that advocates for victims of violent crime, especially surviving family members of homicide victims.


This means that we:

  • Help victims understand the investigative/criminal legal process.

  • Refer victims to specialized trauma-informed counseling services.

  • Provide peer support through our Homicide Support Groups.

  • Help victims navigate other systems/processes such as crime victim compensation, estate probate, funeral service, and insurance, to name a few.

  • Provide post-trial advocacy especially if/when an incarcerated offender is considered for release/parole.


As a non-profit, NCVAN provides these unique services to ease the burden that results when someone becomes a victim of violent crime and we support our services through grant funding from the Governor’s Crime Commission as well as community funding.


Founded in 1986 by four parents who had a child taken by homicide, NCVAN was solely a policy-making organization. Fourteen years later, we developed The North Carolina Victim Service Practitioner Certification Academy (NCVSPCA), which was soon recognized as the State Victim Assistance Academy for North Carolina. Recognizing that services to homicide victims and other victims harmed by violent crime were virtually non-existent, we offered our first homicide support group in 2014. 


Today, we are the only statewide victim service agency that serves victims of homicide and others harmed by violent crime that are not victims of domestic violence or sexual assault. Our services have expanded to include direct support services for surviving loved ones and training for service providers — while we continue to advocate for victims at the state level. 

We continue to evolve and innovate as we seek to support the rights and well-being of surviving loved ones of homicide victims and others harmed by violent crime in North Carolina. We are currently working on a tele-advocacy component, which will allow us to answer questions for co-victims who are preparing to attend the trial of their loved one’s accused perpetrator. We are also working on expanding our volunteer opportunities to include a state-wide volunteer workforce that can offer in-person court accompaniment for those who need vital support during the most difficult time of their lives.

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