Funeral & Estates

My loved one has been murdered. How do I close the estate?


These are examples of property and/or information that may need your attention:


  • Apartment/Lease

  • Car

  • Cell phone

  • Banking


More information can be found at this link: NC COURTS


In order to resolve these issues you’ll need a death certificate as proof that the person you’re acting on behalf of is deceased.

I suddenly have to plan a funeral. What do I need to know about cost?

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Understand the average cost of a funeral and the average cost per item incurred.

If the crime occurred in North Carolina, NC Crime Victims Compensation will cover up to $5,000 for approved application.  NC can make arrangements to pay the funeral home directly.


To protect you, the Federal Government requires funeral homes to provide a price quote of all items you have chosen.

Who files the death certificate and how long does it take to get one?

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People who may file the Death Certificate:

  • Funeral Director/Funeral Home

  • Hospital

  • Medical Examiner’s Office


Time it takes to get a death certificate:

  • Depends on circumstances of death.

  • If waiting on cause of death, a temporary certificate will be issued.

How do I obtain a death certificate?

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If you need a copy of the Death Certificate you will need to  find your register of deeds office here. You can go in-person or check online on their website. Find the tab that says “Vital Records.”


Expect a nominal fee:         Certified Copy($10)  

Uncertified Copy ($0.25-$1.00) varies by county


A minimal “convenience fee” for online requests and fees for “expediting” (typically $15 or more) may be added.

Expect to produce ID – see list of acceptable ID’s  here .

Please contact NCVAN’s main number for assistance 919-831-2857.

Who can obtain a death certificate?

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As authorized by NCGS 130A-93(c), copies may only be issued to the following:


Spouse, sibling, direct ancestor (child or grandchild) or descendant (parents or grandparents) or stepparent or stepchild;

A person seeking information for a legal determination of personal or property rights; or

An authorized agent, attorney or legal representative of a person described above.