Donate Tax-Deductible Gift

Donate a Tax-Deductible Gift Today!

When you make a generous financial contribution to The North Carolina Victim Assistance Network, your gift supports efforts to assist victims of violence throughout North Carolina.

You can also mail your check to:

NC Victim Assistance Network
P.O. Box 32173
Raleigh, NC 27622

Why should you give to NCVAN? Here are four great reasons!

  1. NCVAN is the ONLY statewide agency that provides services to loved ones of homicide victims.
    Your giving supports direct services to victims to include Homicide Support Groups in communities across North Carolina, referrals to trauma-informed therapists for one-on-one grief support, travel assistance so homicide survivors can participate in the criminal justice process, and information and referral.


  1. NCVAN is the ONLY statewide agency that provides referral and resource information to ALL types of crime victims.
    NCVAN helps victims of all types of crimes, from homicide to domestic violence to assault. Your giving supports victims’ access to resources and information.


  1. Your giving supports professional development opportunities for the people who serve and respond to victims.
    NCVAN provides training and professional development to victim service providers and allied professionals such as therapists, victim advocates in the military, law enforcement officers, and clergy to name a few. When you give, you help ensure victims’ receive effective advocacy services.


  1. Your contribution is tax-deductible!
    NCVAN is a nonprofit 501(c)(3). Every dollar you donate is tax-deductible! Please click the donate button below to securely donate with your PayPal account or credit card.