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Homicide Advocacy Program

Murder doesn’t just affect an individual; it also affects a family and a community, creating an array of emotional and practical needs – that are often left unmet. The Homicide Advocacy Program strives to address the needs of homicide survivors/co-victims in communities across North Carolina. 

NCVAN recognizes that loved ones of homicide victims are unique. Homicide survivors/co-victims often don’t get the same services and support as other victims of crime. Homicide survivors/co-victims experience a complex array of emotions. Their grief is especially complicated, and they are left to navigate a foreign world that may feel cold and uncaring.


The Homicide Advocacy Program can provide valuable assistance in this time of grief and confusion.  The program is victim-centered and also serves as a resource for victim services professionals.

What Does the Homicide Advocacy Program offer?

Our Program Offers:

  • Court Accompaniment and Court Care Kits

  • Counseling resources

  • Assistance navigating the Criminal/Legal Process

  • Financial Support for homicide survivors/co-victims attending court who are not witnesses for the state

  • Support Groups in North Carolina

  • Memorial Events

  • Civil Assistance resources


NCVAN offers Court Accompaniment for Loved Ones. Because attending the trial can be taxing, isolating, and confusing, it’s nice having someone there to offer additional support by being present. NCVAN victim advocates and team members can attend court proceedings if requested. Please be advised that NCVAN staff is only there for support and cannot act in any legal capacity for you or on your loved ones’ behalf.


NCVAN volunteers have assembled court care kits for loved ones attending court. These “kits” typically include tissues, chapstick, hand sanitizer, gum, or mints.


Court benches are hard and uncomfortable. Our volunteers crafted seat cushions to make court just a little more bearable.


If you’re interested in any of these services or if you have questions about the court process in general, please contact our main number. 919.831.2857 or 800.348.5068

Can NCVAN help me with

the court process?

Image by Georgia de Lotz

NCVAN acknowledges the mental and emotional toll that attending court can take and the financial toll. NCVAN offers financial support for homicide survivors/co-victims who are attending court. If a homicide survivor/co-victim is NOT attending court as a witness for the prosecution, they can qualify for reimbursement.


Reimbursement for:

  • Air or Ground Transportation

  • Lodging

  • Food

  • Related Parking Fees

  • Related Toll Fees

To receive financial support by reimbursement, visit the VICTIM SERVICES REIMBURSEMENT page with application and reimbursement forms that must be completed fully and submitted to NCVAN. Typically the forms are completed by the appropriate District Attorney’s Office.


For further information or inquiries on this program, call us at 919.831.2857 or 800.348.5068.

Can NCVAN help with

travel expenses related to court?

Laptop Plant Reflection

NCVAN is excited to announce the launch of a Monthly Online Support Group on the 3rd Tuesday of each month from 7:00 p.m.-8:30 p.m.  


If you would like additional information please call 919.831.2857   ext. 101. Registration is required and space is limited.  Click to LEARN MORE.

Are there any online

support groups?


NCVAN has a Crime Victim Memorial Garden in Downtown Raleigh. The Memorial Garden is a place where homicide victims can be remembered. The names of those taken by homicide are inscribed on bricks that line the walkway of the garden. The garden provides a tranquil space for loved ones.


If you wish to have a brick for your loved one placed in our garden, NCVAN will inscribe and place the brick(s) at no cost.  For more information see our TO REMEMBER YOUR LOVED ONE webpage or contact

How can NCVAN help me remember a loved one?

Image by Zach Lucero
Image by Mike Ralph
Image by Zach Lucero

Annual Garden Memorial Service

The Annual Garden Memorial Service occurs every year during Crime Victims Rights Week which is the 3rd week of April. Join us for our ceremony in the garden located at the corner of Lane and Wilmington Streets in Raleigh.

Survivors of Homicide Victims Candlelight Vigil

Our Candlelight Vigil is held in December in Raleigh at the State Capitol grounds (Eastside) located at 1 Edenton Street. Bring a photo of your loved one or some other memento. Join us as we lend support to each other and remember loved ones taken from us.

Know Hope 5K Walk/Run

Our Annual Crime Victims’ Memorial Community Walk/Run, in remembrance of homicide victims is a 5K Walk/Run held in September. Photographs of homicide victims are posted along the start/finish line. Children and leashed pets are welcome.


Click on the EVENTS webpage to find out more.

What events does NCVAN offer

in the healing journey?



Recommended books about the grief process.


Find resources to help you on your healing journey



Find out what to expect in court in a homicide case.

Contact us for referrals to qualified counselors.




Information on planning a funeral for a loved one and settling an estate.


Apply for financial reimbursement from N.C. as a victim of crime.

Find support groups around the state.

Learn resources to aid victims in healing




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