Homicide Advocacy Project

A Vision for Homicide Survivors’ Support and Advocacy

Murder doesn’t just strike an individual; it also strikes a family and a community, creating an array of needs – emotional and practical – that are often left unmet.

The Homicide Advocacy Project engages a network of volunteers to address the advocacy needs of victims and survivors in communities across North Carolina.

The Vision

NCVAN has initiated the Homicide Advocacy Project. This project will engage and equip volunteers from across Durham and Wake counties, empowering them to serve and advocate for members of their communities harmed by severe violence. Through community partnerships, NCVAN envisions a network of volunteers providing meaningful responses to the needs created by senseless acts of violence in Wake County.

What NCVAN Provides

  • Volunteer opportunities ranging from one-time events to serving as an ongoing volunteer victim advocate.
  • Comprehensive training that empowers volunteers to address victim/survivors’ needs with care, confidence, and competence.
  • A high level of ongoing support for community partners and individual volunteers.

What Community Partners Can Provide

  • Connect us to individuals interested in volunteering to support families harmed by homicide.
  • Identify and refer families in need of support after the murder of a loved one.
  • Invite NCVAN to talk to service, faith, and civic groups about homicide survivors’ needs and meaningful responses.

Click here to contact Scott Bass at NCVAN to discuss small and large ways members of your community can support the Homicide Advocacy Project.