Homicide Victims Services Reimbursement

Homicide Victim Services

Homicide Victim Services assists the surviving loved ones of homicide victims by offsetting some, if not all of the financial burden they experience as a result of attending the criminal justice proceedings of the accused. Assistance is provided to those homicide survivors who are NOT serving as witnesses for the state.


Project Operation

In collaboration with the district attorneys’ offices across the state, NCVAN notifies the surviving loved ones of homicide victims of the availability of VOCA grant funds to assist them with the financial burden of attending criminal justice proceedings related to their cases. This a grant fund managed by NCVAN and has limited resources. In order to serve as many homicide survivors as possible, adjustments may be made to the reimbursement applications.


This grant will cover air or ground travel, lodging and food for up to three eligible surviving loved ones in cases in which there has been a loss of life. The rates for reimbursement are (updated 10/2019):

  • In-state $67.30/ night plus tax
  • $8.60 for breakfast, $11.30 for lunch and $19.50 for dinner
  • Ground travel will be covered at 54¢ per mile
  • Air travel at $500 per person
  • Related parking fees
  • Related toll fees
  • Bus or Train fare


NCVAN’s policies request that travel expenses be kept at the state rate, but realizes that there may be times when this is not possible in which case, exceptions are made for reasonable rates. Please contact us with questions, as cases are reviewed by the project manager.


In most cases the prosecuting office completes and submits all forms.


One application should be filed with NCVAN for each loved one PRIOR to the court proceeding. The project manager will review the application, send an approval letter to the applying AGENCY, and create a file. The rates and guidelines of this grant should be reviewed with the recipients before any expenses are incurred.


Reimbursement forms with the required signatures and itemized receipts should be sent directly to NCVAN immediately after the court proceeding. Please keep in mind that the fiscal year ends June 30th and funds are limited.