Thank you for your interest in NCVAN’s webinar offerings! We are developing several web-based training for service providers working with victims of violent crime. Please click the calendar button below to read about some of our upcoming offerings and to register!


NCVAN is also pleased to announce a special webinar series: “Nuts & Bolts: Tools and Resources in Addressing Essential Victim Needs” designed to help service providers gain fundamental knowledge to advocate for and address common resource victims need. Complete five of the seven webinars associated with this series and earn a certificate from NCVAN indicating that participants have an updated understanding of the fundamental resources crucial to many victims of violent crime or (co-victims of homicide) in crisis. The series's topics include employment/unemployment, housing, victim’s compensation, healthcare, food benefits, offender notification, mental health, and expanded professional development opportunities for advocates. Select webinars will be repeated to give participants multiple chances to register.  The Nuts & Bolts Series webinars are denoted with a Bolt symbol on the calendar. 


All of NCVAN’s training and webinars can be counted towards re-certification for those service providers who have already completed their professional certification through NCVAN’s Academy.


To read about and register for upcoming NCVAN webinars, click our training calendar below for details.

*Note that this Nuts & Bolts certificate is - different from - the professional certification provided through NCVAN’s esteemed Victim Service Practitioner Certification Academy, which is also a stepping stone to national certification. Please see the NCVAN Victim Service Practitioner Certification Academy for information on becoming professionally-certified.


The NC Victim Assistance Network (NCVAN) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit that advocates for victims of violent crime, especially surviving family members of homicide victims.


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