Tele-Advocacy and Video Support Services for Loved Ones of Homicide

Please fill out this form to set up a video meeting.  If you would prefer to discuss a matter by phone or email, there is no need to complete this form.  Call 1-800-348-5068 or 1-919-831-2857 or email us at


The North Carolina Victim Assistance Network (NCVAN) offers free video meetings to loved ones of homicide victims to provide a personalized advocacy experience. Loved ones of homicide victims can meet with an advocate from NCVAN for 30-minute sessions to discuss questions on emotional support, crime victims' rights, the investigative process, and the court process.


These virtual meetings are through a computer or smartphone. They allow loved ones of homicide victims to meet with an advocate face-to-face from almost anywhere to receive information, resources, referrals, and other assistance. For more information on the services NCVAN provides, click here.



NCVAN is committed to preserving the privacy and security of all victims and survivors. Therefore, we use Zoom’s HIPAA online version with safeguards and privacy protections required of medical professionals. Your privacy and security are important to us.



NCVAN respects the right to confidentiality. However, please note, a few situations require legal reporting such as:

  • you are at risk of harming yourself or someone else;

  • a child is being abused or neglected or has died as a result of maltreatment;

  • an elderly or disabled adult needs protective services.