NCVAN Victim Services Practitioner Certification Academy

 NCVAN Victim Services Practitioner Certification Academy

“The exceptional training provided through this week-long intensive program is essential to NCVAN’s goal of ensuring that victims of violent crime in North Carolina receive reliable, consistent services. Facilitators, presenters and participants alike share a guiding commitment to provide victims thorough and thoughtful person-centered support.”

– Jane Allen Wilson, Director of Training


What is the Victim Services Practitioner Academy?

Q: What is the Victim Services Practitioner Academy?

A: NCVAN’s Victim Services Practitioner Certification Academy (the Academy) provides practitioners who work with victims of crime with an opportunity to receive 40 hours of substantial training to bolster their knowledge and experience, while also gaining prestigious state and nationally-recognized certification to reflect their growing expertise.


NCVAN’s Academy is the official academy recognized in North Carolina, approved by the National Advocate Credentialing Program (NACP). The curriculum is also approved through the National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA). The program continues to evolve in keeping with emerging best practices and research through on-going guidance by the Academy Steering Committee and thorough extensive participant feedback.


Upon completion of the pre-requisite NCVAN academy, NOVA may consider NCVAN Academy graduates for provisional licensing on the national level.


Law enforcement officers who complete the training and certification may receive continuing education credits through NCVAN’s partnership with the North Carolina Justice Academy.

Why should I choose NCVAN’s Academy?

Q: Why should I choose NCVAN’s Academy?

A: NCVAN sees that credentialing of professionals is a serious undertaking, requiring thoughtful and deliberate planning and development. The training faculty includes a number of well-known and seasoned experts steeped in North Carolina law and practices who bring direct and deeply-relevant experience from the field. Training is conducted in a real-time classroom environment, providing opportunity for full engagement with the facilitators.


NCVAN’s Academy participants themselves are more than students; they are professionals who have worked in a victim service related profession for at least 6 months. Representing a diverse group of allied professionals, our students are: law enforcement – military – therapist – court officials – clergy – other victim advocates – to name a few. In this way, the academy is a blended learning experience. Networking brings valuable connections that benefit participants well beyond the completion of the certification program.


To assure professionalism, NCVAN conducts a criminal history check on all students, which also protects the integrity of the work and upholds the significance of the certification awarded.

Who should apply and how do I qualify?

The NCVAN Victim Services Practitioner Certification Academy is open to professionals who have been working directly with victims of crime at a recognized program for at least six months or more. Participants typically come from law enforcement, district attorney offices, the military, state-recognized domestic and sexual violence programs, and other agencies and organizations which provide direct support to victims of crime. The training serves professionals who seek a thoughtful and thorough understanding of the experience of victims of crime and how better to serve them.


The pre-requisite of having six months of prior experiences serves to provide each participant with a framework to lend relevance to the highly-specialized training and to assure participants have a common baseline for reference in networking and in group discussions.


Exceptions are sometimes made. If a potential participant does not meet the six-month or current work prerequisite, we may consider other variables, including but not limited to, becoming employed with a state or other agency in a position that will primarily directly serve victims of crime, or having a prior work history that makes participation relevant. To be considered for an exception, the potential participant should email a request to the director of training upon applying to the Academy, and include relevant information such as a description of the person’s new role or employment and/or a resume which lists past work experience and references.

Who are the members of the Academy Training and Advisory Committee?

Q: Who are the members of the Academy Steering Committee?

Who are your trainers?

Q: Who are your trainers?

What is included in your curriculum?

Q: What is included in your curriculum?

Below is a sample of the presentation topics that are typically covered during the week.

  • History of the Victims Movement
  • Building Relationships for Community Advocacy
  • Working with Immigrant Victims of Crime
  • Theory of Crisis Intervention/Victim Empathy
  • Human Trafficking
  • Advocacy for Victims of Homicide
  • Child Abuse
  • Domestic Violence
  • Victims and Technology-Cyberbullying
  • District Attorney’s Role in Serving Victims
  • Cultural Relevancy
  • Stalking
  • Sexual Violence
  • Restorative Justice
  • Federal Victims’ Rights
  • Serving Victims With Disabilities
  • Criminal Justice Professionals: The Barriers We Face
  • Working with Victims in a Military Setting
  • Victim’s Compensation/NCSAVAN
  • Childhood Trauma
  • Serving Victims in the LGBTQ Community
When is the next Certification Academy?

Q: When is the next Certification Academy?

A: 2020 Academy Dates:

March 9th – 13th

Who can I contact for more information?

Q: Who can I contact for more information?

A: Call Dianna Benson at (919) 831-2857 ext. 106 or email

What is the cost of certification?

Q: What is the cost of certification?

A: The cost of certification is $200.00 per participant. Current NCVAN members receive a discount and pay $185.00. Payment should be received no later than two weeks before the Academy. Placement in the Academy is not guaranteed until payment is made. Without the payment by the deadline, the applicant’s place in the Academy may be cancelled and the participant may be placed on the waiting list. If special payment arrangements are needed, please contact the Director of Training at for approval and to coordinate.


Payments are connected to the application process and may be made either by your credit card or by your Paypal account, both to NCVAN’s PayPal account. If technical challenges are experienced in making a payment online, or if further guidance is needed in the payment process itself, please contact Elizabeth Wexler at or call (919)831-2857 for assistance.


Note that the certification cost is non-refundable. Credit will be applied and transferred to future events should a participant be unable to attend. It is also possible to use the funds towards another applicant’s participation once the substitute participant is approved to attend.

What is the cost of recertification and how long does certification last?

Q: What is the cost of recertification and how long does certification last?

A: The cost of recertification is $125.00. Additionally, certified practitioners must submit documentation of 20 hours of continuing education to the NC Victim Service Practitioner Oversight Committee every three (3) years to be re-certified.


Click here for more information on Recertification.

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